Saturday, July 8, 2017

Unpacked to Repack

I slept in this morning as did Cam and Meg.  Cal had to work, so he was up at 5:30 a.m.  Doug agreed to make sure he made it which I appreciated.  Once I got up and got going I started in on the laundry. Meg brought her clothes to me so that we could talk about what she needed for Camp Crosley.  The biggest dilemma was the comforter that she would take.  We finally came up with one that was soft enough yet would still keep her warm.

After lunch Aaron, Graham and Preston came over.  Meg wanted to get together with them before she left for two weeks.  They played kickball at our house and then headed over to Grandma Jane's to go swimming.  They loved fighting over the floats and jumping off of the boathouse.  The second one made me nervous, but it was very deep there.  Cam had a busy afternoon as well.  He went to a birthday party at Kaden Paul's in Goshen.  He was excited to see his friends and to hangout with them for awhile.

Doug had to lector tonight and Meg stepped in to serve for Cam since he had his party.  When mass was over we picked Cam up and took him to the Concord Mall.  He had ordered pink shorts to match his flamingo shorts and they came in while we were gone.  While I picked those up Meg took Cam and Doug to the shoe store.  He wanted to get a pair of sandals like Meg's for camp.  He found a pair of black ones that he really liked.  He was impressed that his shoe size had now reached a size nine.

We stopped for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was pretty sparse, so we got in right away.  By the time we got home Cal was just heading out.  Work went well, but he was tired and his allergies were really bothering him.  I talked him into trying Flonase and with that and some rest, he was better.  Doug built a bonfire which he, Cam and I enjoyed.  Meg wanted to finish her packing and check in with Aaron before the night was over.  She cannot wait for tomorrow.

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