Friday, July 7, 2017

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

We were up early this morning and on the road by 8 a.m.  Brett had to work today and we decided that we wanted to stop in Cleveland on the way home if possible.  It was tricky getting out of D.C. and it rained in Pennsylvania for a little while, but other than that it was an easy trip.   We had given Cal, Meg, Cam and HM options of where to stop today and they all chose The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. We were glad to have arrived there by 2 p.m. as that gave us time to explore the Hall before it closed at 5:30.

I had bought tickets online, so getting in was quick.  We hadn't stopped for lunch so we tried their cafe.  It was delicious and once we refueled we headed downstairs for the main exhibits featuring the early influence of rock and roll.  Cal knew a lot of the artists from his music class at IU and Cam said that it was one of his favorite parts of the Hall.  Meg remembered the Elvis exhibit and couldn't wait to find it.  HM was able to spend time at the Beatles display and Doug enjoyed the Rolling Stones.  The 2017 inductees included one of Doug's favorites - Pearl Jam and one of Meg's - Journey.  With all there was to see I believe that Doug and I found the John Mellencamp area to be the most interesting.  He was huge when we were at IU and being from Seymour his ties to Bloomington have always been strong.

After several hours at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame we were all ready to head home.  It had been a great trip, but we knew it was time to get back on the road.  We still had four hours to travel and were hoping to make it to Syracuse before nine.  Traffic was heavy at first, but once we got about five miles out of Cleveland we were good to go.  Cam put in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the dvd player which kept us entertained for the majority of the trip, and we actually made it home by 8:30.  Once we unpacked Meg and Cam had time to get Joe's and visit Graham and Gabby.  Cal went to Grandma's after HM left and Doug and I enjoyed a quiet dinner with a lot of time for reflection.  We felt incredibly blessed to spend a week with our children.  We made memories the will last a lifetime.

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