Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nine Years - From Mini Camp to LITs

Meg spent the morning packing for Camp Crosley.  She had the majority of her items ready, but wanted to review with me what she still needed.  It was nice that she could do this pretty much by herself.  It made it so much easier.  It used to take me hours to get everyone ready for camp.  She knew what she wanted and needed.  Thus, it made sense for her to take over this job.  We left for camp later than she wanted.  Check in wasn't until 2 and we left at 1:30.  There was a line already when we got there, but they didn't let anyone in beforehand, so it worked out just fine.

Once we dropped off her paperwork and medications with the nurse we went to Meg's cabin.  One of the counselor's remembered Meg from last year.  I thought that was awesome!  Gabby had already picked out bunks for the girls and Meg put her pillows on the bunks under them for their friends from last year.  Their cabin was very nice.  It used to be the nurses quarters, but they had remodeled it for the LITs.  They even had their own bathrooms.  Once we helped Meg make her bed and take pictures we left.  The girls were so excited to be there.  This was their ninth year at camp together, so they definitely didn't need us hanging around.

Cam and Doug played tennis once we got home.  I took a walk and worked on some more laundry.  My parents played in the alternate shot and when they were done, Dad took Cam golfing.  Cal had to work the range tonight, but was home early.  The medications he started for allergies have been working and his cough was a lot better.  Doug and I went to dinner tonight and had a bonfire before watching Witness for the Prosecution.  Cam played cards with my parents before coming home.  Everyone went to bed early tonight as the week wore us out.  Tired or not it sure was a wonderful one.

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