Saturday, July 1, 2017

Home Sweet Home

My parents had been in Las Vegas since Tuesday.  We had heard from them several times during the week.  They were enjoying the shows immensely and Mom had even won some money.  Their flight out was scheduled for yesterday morning.  It was delayed getting out, but not like last week's fiasco when they had to cancel altogether because of the delays.  Once we saw that they took off, we stopped checking.  They were supposed to stop in Charlotte, North Caroline and then catch a connecting flight to Fort Wayne.  Unfortunately, we heard from them a little bit after take off that there was a medical emergency and they had to make an unscheduled stop in Wichita, Kansas.  Getting the woman off of the plane didn't take long, it was waiting for an American crew to arrive to inspect the plane before they could take off again that took forever.  By the time they landed in North Carolina it was after midnight.  They had missed their connecting flight and spent 14 hours on the plane.

Once my Mom explained to the American representatives what had happened they put them up in a hotel, bought them breakfast and lunch.  That was nice, but the next available flight out was 8 p.m. tonight.  Thankfully, they found someone else in the morning that was able to put them as priority passengers on a 1 p.m. flight.  Once we saw that took off on the earlier flight we all felt relieved.  Cam's first question was, "So, do they want to go golfing once they get here?"  Fortunately, that was their plan and they were able to make it to our house before Doug and I left for mass.

Meg also made it home from her trip tonight as well.  She got in late, but thankfully, there were no delays.  Meg was thrilled to be home, but told us over and over how much fun she had.  She met a lot of girls and got to play a ton of basketball.  At one point she had played 11 games in 24 hours.  That was challenging as she hadn't played competitively in 2 years, but by the end her nervousness was gone and she even hit a couple of threes.  The best part for Doug and I, however, was listening to her stories about her teammates and all that they did together.  Bean Boozled was the activity that her coach chose for team bonding.  Meg choked down dead fish, moldy cheese, and canned dog food.  Meg found that she had a lot in common with the girls and enjoyed getting to know her coaches better.  We were impressed that they were interested in her well being and glad to have her be part of the team.  Between basketball, soccer and tennis this summer she definitely has had chance to meet a lot of her classmates.

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