Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Golf & Soccer

Today was the first match play of the Raccoon Run junior league.  Cameron did well winning with two holes to go.  He stayed on to play a couple more holes, but didn't get in a full second nine.  It was extremely humid and he was ready for a break.  I took advantage of the time he was gone to clean Meg and Cal's room upstairs.  After that I walked for close to an hour.  Unfortunately my leg was in a lot of pain afterward, but I am happy to say that I got in my 10,000 steps.  I think I will rest it tomorrow to see if that helps.

Cam and I went to Pete's Fish after golf.  We hadn't been there all summer.  It was ayce fish and shrimp which Cam enjoyed.  I had their salad bar and talked golf with Cam.  He took a break in the afternoon so that he would be ready for soccer practice at 6 p.m.  Doug met us there and went jogging while he played.  I ran to the grocery store since no one was home.  I hadn't been in awhile.  Doug and Cam were home by 8.  There were only four players at practice, but it went well.  I finally texted Cal at 9:45 to see where he was.  He was just leaving work and on his way to HM's to see their new puppy.  He put in over twelve hours today which made up of the cancellation yesterday.

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