Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Visitor

Cam was up early this morning to play golf.  He wanted to get in a round before Evan got here.  He was home in plenty of time to get ready for his visitor.  Mary had an appointment this afternoon and we had been wanting to have Evan over, so it worked out perfectly.  They first went outside to play a baseball, frisbee, basketball combination game.  Next they moved on to the Wii for some Mario Kart and Mario Party.

While they were busy I used the time to work on Meg and Cam's binders from this past school year.  Last summer I didn't have time to work on them and had to finish them once school started.  I was able to get Meg's done before the boys wanted to go swimming at Mom's.  They had a lot of fun getting out all of the rafts and water guns.  I was glad that the rain held out.  It had looked threatening all day.

Doug got home while they were swimming, so he decided to go jogging.  It was humid today, but nothing like yesterday.  He said it was a lot easier tonight.  When he was done we took the boys to the Spider-man movie in Goshen.  They had wanted to see it.  Doug and I went to Kelly Jae's  for dinner while they were there.  The boys said that the movie was good and couldn't decide if it was better than Wonder Woman or not.  Either way we all had fun and it was a great way to spend the evening.

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