Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Day of Rest

As we went to mass last night and Meg got home late, we decided to sleep in this morning.  I have noticed that sleeping in for Doug and I means 8 a.m.  Strange how that changes over time.  Cal "slept" in as well as he didn't have to be to work until 9 a.m. today.  Last night he had gone out with HM on the boat to watch the fireworks on Lake Wawasee but was home before midnight.  Meg was the one who took advantage of sleeping in. She said that she set her alarm for 11 a.m. as she felt that would be late enough.  When it went off she still wasn't ready to get up.

We spent the day getting ready for our trip to Washington D.C.  Doug didn't feel the best, so he took a nap this afternoon.  That was extremely rare.  He said he felt a lot better afterward.  Once I finished some laundry and finalized my photo album on Shutterfly we decided to go out to the winery.  It was a beautiful afternoon and they had live music.  Meg went along with us and shared more stories from her trip to Vincennes.  It was nice catching up with her.

Cam spent the afternoon golfing with my parents.  He almost broke 40 on the front which he was happy about.  Cal had to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but texted to let us know that he would be late.  Their range picker broke down, so they had to pick all the golf balls up by hand.  It was also very busy today on the course.  Cal was happy to announce when he got home that he had made $200 for the day and would get in 20 hours this week even though we would be on vacation for five days.

Doug cooked steaks tonight and we celebrated his birthday early.  The food was delicious and he enjoyed his gifts and cards.  Cam got out the ladder ball set glad that we were finally able to get the one set he through in the tree down.  It took some physics from Doug to figure it out, but we have the full set again.  Preston and Aaron came over to visit with Meg.  They hadn't seen her in awhile and wanted to talk to her before she left again.  They drove down to Joe's for ice cream and to bother Graham.  Doug and I took a walk and got home just as the rain started.  The good news was that I made my 10,000 steps daily goal and didn't have to water.

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