Friday, March 10, 2017

Wolf Pack Pow Wow

Tonight was the annual Pow Wow at Wawasee High School and Meg had talked of nothing else the past few days.  She invited her friends to play on a volleyball team and they all looked great in their wolf pack Wednesday shirts.  I would like to say that there outcome was the same as Cal's when he won the team championship by beating the varsity volleyball team last year, but as Meg noted - "they scored six points solely because of the other team's missed serves."

Even though they didn't win, she did have as much fun as Cal always did.  Her favorite moments revolved around the pillow fights on the balance beam with her friends.  We watched all of the videos with her when she got home.  It was fun to hear her laugh and tell stories.  It was a great event and I appreciate Wawasee High School providing this annual event for their students.  It has definitely been a memory maker for the Heinisch children.

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