Thursday, March 2, 2017

Two Time Champions

Tonight was the annual Kiwanis trivia night at the community center.  Doug rounded up his usual teammates - Ron Schwartz and my Dad.  With Cal at IU they had to find a forth.  Luckily, Bob Carlson was available.  He was on their original winning team, when they could have five players.  They had a fantastic night.  Doug said that they answered all of the questions correctly except two and were in the lead going into the final round.  Even though they did not know the first question,  he texted us close to 9 with "two time champions".  He now has a first place medal to match the one from three years ago.

While Doug was at trivia night, Cam, Meg and I went to see "Honk" at Bethany Christian.  It was a musical about the story of the ugly duckling and we all enjoyed it.  Our favorite scene involved a tap dancing frog.  We have seen several of their plays and musicals now and have never been disappointed.    Cam tried out for the middle school play this afternoon.  He said that he would be happy if he got a part, but if he did't that would be ok too as he has middle school tennis going on at the same time.

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