Saturday, March 4, 2017

March in Bloomington

We woke up early ready to start our day.  I graded papers and Doug jogged and worked for at least an hour before we walked out the door.  Cal stopped by to join us for lunch.  Cam and Meg wanted Noodles and Company, so we got them an order to go.  The rest of us chose picnic foods at Kroger.  Parce calls the Kroger closest to him the "Ghetto" Kroger as it is not quite as nice as the one by the college mall, but compared to anything near us the "Ghetto" Kroger beats them all.  We picked him back up for lunch at the winery.  It was still a little chilly, but the sun was out, so we could eat outside.  Cam brought lawn jarts and played with Cal and Doug losing decidedly to both.  He and Meg took a walk around the pond after they ate their "noods."

Once we finished lunch we dropped Parce back off at his place.  The Heinisch children wanted to go shopping, so we went to Target, College Mall and Barnes & Noble.  Doug joined up with us later as he wanted to get the oil changed in Cal's car.  Cal found two new swimsuits.  Cam bought a Rubik's game and Meg purchased some necessities.  I had several coupons for Yankee Candle and stocked up for the Spring. Cal thought about getting a new Stephen King book, but decided against it.  Instead Cam purchased a chess strategy guide.  Once we were done shopping we went on a walking tour of campus.  The trees were budding and the Spring flowers were starting to poke through the ground.  When we come back at Easter, everything should look gorgeous.

We talked Parce into going bowling with us at our favorite bowling stop.  Meg and I took him on our team and we beat the guys by 16.  Cal and Cam didn't care which team they were on as they spent the entire time trash talking each other.  From there we went to dinner at Upland Brewing Company.  There was a wait to get in, but not too bad.  Dinner was good and we all tried something new.  Cal left us after dinner as he had friends to meet up with.  Doug and Parce decided to go see the band "Soul Street" at the Players Pub.  I dropped them off at 8:30 and got breadsticks for Meg and Cam.  We hung out at Parce's playing games and watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.  Cam's new Rubik's Race game was a lot of fun.  I picked Doug and Parce back up at 10:30.  They had a great time and have plans to see another band on Easter weekend.

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