Sunday, March 5, 2017


We left Bloomington close to 10 a.m. this morning after we stopped by Cal's dorm to see him for a couple of minutes.  We had a great time this weekend, but had tennis to get back to.  The trip was an easy one as there was very little traffic and the sun was out.  We stopped once to take a quick break and pick up Arby's.

We were home by 1:30 and had more than enough time to unpack and start the laundry before Doug took Cam to tennis.  Meg and I hung up her laundry after I got everything else put away.  She  drove to tennis and did a great job.  We first stopped at my school to pick up a couple of items I needed to work on.  She then drove us to Walmart.  She needed another Wolf Pack Wednesday shirt for the Pow Wow and I wanted to get a few necessities.  We were at the racquet club in time to watch Cam win the final game.  There was a pizza party for the players, so Meg was able to eat before she played.

Doug stayed with Meg while I took Cam back to Syracuse.  He decided that he wanted to play games with Grandma and Grandpa, so I dropped him off there.  I had several items to finish before the week started again.  Doug and I talked about going out to dinner, but I was just too tired.  We agreed to go out Wednesday night instead.  I really wanted to go, but the weekend wore me out.  It was worth it, however, as we had a great time in Bloomington.

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