Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Great News!

Brett texted me at lunch to let me know that he had held the elevator door open for Greta Van Susteren today.  He even got to tell her his trademark "Have a nice day!"  I was impressed.  Now Cal can say that he has been on the Greta show and Brett can say that he has met her.

The best news, however, happened later in the afternoon.  The internship coordinator stopped Brett on his way out to ask him if he already had plans this coming summer.  Brett said that he would be available and that is when he was told that Freedom Works would like to extend his contract and keep him until August.  Brett was thrilled and so were we.  He also told us that a lot of the people he works for were hired after they had their internship extended to a second session. That would be fantastic!  We are extremely proud of his hard work and are glad that they have recognized it.

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