Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bethany Friends

Last night Cam invited Caleb over to hang out for awhile after school.  They had a great time playing ping pong, having Nerf gun wars and catching up on their week.  Caleb will be moving out of the country next year as his father has completed his missionary education.  We were sad to hear that they would be leaving, but have been thankful for the friendship that Cam and Caleb have had these past two years.  It made the transition to Bethany so much easier and for that we will be forever grateful.

Today Cam hung out with more of his Bethany friends.  Conner's science experiment revolved around video games and a bucket of ice.  He need willing participants and Cam was happy to volunteer.  The objective was to see if the distraction of playing video games increased the amount of time that the boys could keep their foot in the ice.  Not sure what the data proved, but I know that Cam had a lot of fun with the experiment.

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