Friday, March 24, 2017

Beauty & The Beast

The discussion around the live remake of Beauty and the Beast has filled the internet this past month. Brett joined in on the ban of the movie, but not for the reason that others had.  Several were upset that the character LeFou came across as a homosexual.  That did not bother Brett.  What he was most upset about was that in his opinion Disney was remaking a beloved animated movie solely to make money.

He definitely may have been right, but I was not worried about that or LeFou's sexual preference.  I loved the Disney story of Beauty and the Beast and very much wanted to see the 2017 live action version on the big screen.  Meg also wanted to see it.  Aaron wanted to go with her and they set a time after practice tonight to go.  I talked Doug and Cameron into going as well and everyone was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful of a movie it was.

Meg said several times afterward that it was not quite the animated version, but that she enjoyed it very much.  Doug and Cameron agreed with her.  I believe that I may have liked it even more than they did, and overall we all gave it a huge thumbs up.  The first thing I did when I got home was to text Brett to tell him that he was missing out.  He didn't agree with me, but it finally agreed to watch it when it came out on DVD.  I explained to him that the set was awesome and the characters were bigger than life.  In Doug's review he pointed out that Gaston and LeFou weren't quite as good as they were in the animated version and neither were the inanimate objects in the castle, but overall it was better than anyone of us expected and I would love to watch it again.

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