Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Band Concert Time

Tonight was the middle school band concert at Bethany Christian.  Meg, Doug, Mom, Dad and I were all in attendance.  The band has really improved since December and we enjoyed listening to them.  Once Cameron's group finished the orchestra preformed.  They also played well.  The only disruptions of the evening revolved around my Dad's bad Cadbury Egg joke and his phone going off in the middle of a moment of silence.  Doug laughed about both the rest of the night.

To celebrate Cam's evening we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We ran into the Mishler family there.  We hadn't seen them in quite awhile and it was nice to catch up.  The restaurant was pretty sparse as it was later in the evening than the usual time we go out.  Meg enjoyed reminiscing about her days in band and Cam was pleased with how well they played.  Saturday is ISMAA and he feels confident about it.  Meg was positive they would score well.

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