Monday, December 5, 2016

Tennis Starts

Tennis starts this week at the racquet club for both Meg and Cameron.  We have decided because of this that we will step out of the lessons in Middlebury with Meg's tennis coach.  It was a longer drive and right after school which made it difficult for us to do.  She went tonight and has one more lesson.

Cameron joined the Monday tennis group this week in Warsaw.  Normally, he will go on Wednesdays, but this week he had basketball.  He said afterward that he really liked it.  I watched him for awhile after I got back from Walmart.  It looked like a good group for him to play against.  We got home before Meg and Doug left for soccer.  He had picked her up from tennis first.  Unfortunately, no one else showed up at soccer.  Therefore, Meg and Doug worked out for awhile before heading home.  Doug is cancelling the next two Monday nights and will try and resume after Christmas break.

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