Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Last night Doug and I went to Kelly Jae's to celebrate all of his hard work these past few months.  It was nice to spend the evening with him and talk about 2017.  We originally talked about taking the Heinisch children shopping and out to dinner.  Those plans fell through when our sink in the kitchen dropped from the granite.  Doug called a plumber, but he wasn't able to fix it.  He was able to take care of our toilet upstairs that would not flush properly, however.  Doug tried the granite company next, but they only had a recorded message.  Syl told him to call Dale.  I was so glad that Doug did.  Dale agreed to stop by on his way home from Plymouth.  He was able to reattach four of the clips and showed Doug how to do the last two.  It was well worth the wait as the sink was fully usable by 6 p.m. last night.

Today we left for Fort Wayne around 11:15.  Cal decided to hang out with HM instead, but the rest of us were ready for a day of shopping.  Doug wanted to go to Jefferson Point Mall.  It was a beautiful day to be outside, but very windy.  We had lunch at Biaggi's which was delicious.  Brett has become a lot more adventurous and tried crab stuffed haddock.  The rest of us had pasta dishes without any complaint.

Once we finished lunch we scoured the mall for GameStop.  Luckily, Brett was just there a couple of weeks ago and could find it for us.  Cam had a gift card to spend and Brett wanted to trade in some games.  The line was long, but it moved quickly.  Once we finished there we headed to Barnes and Noble.  I had given Cal the book Carrie for Christmas, but he already had it as a short story inside another Stephen King book.  Instead he wanted Misery and we were able to purchase the last copy.
I wanted to stop at Yankee Candle as they were having a huge year end sale.  I picked out six candles that should work well this Spring.  We also had time to stop at Kohl's before heading home. Meg had a gift card to spend and Brett needed dress clothes.  Target was our last stop before heading back.

As it was still the afternoon we decided to try Tippy Creek Winery.  Brett had gotten Doug a bottle of wine from there for Christmas and wanted to go back.  We had fun trying some wines and were able to play Outburst while hanging out.  Meg, Cam and I gave them a good run, but Doug and Brett were the winners.  The video of their animal sounds was a favorite of Meg's.

Hannah-Marie and Cal drove in shortly after we got home.  She had a gift for me that I greatly appreciated - two winter Yankee Candles.  It was perfect timing as two of mine were almost at the end.  They finished off our leftovers while I ran Cam over to Evan's.  Gabrielle had texted Meg while we were at the winery and invited her over as well.  We all played games here for the rest of the evening.  Cal and HM joined us until he left for a class of 2016 reunion at Caleb Glon's.  Brett decided to give up on the games after beating Doug and I at Sequence.  Dad, Mom, Doug and I then played Euchre.  I forgot home much I loved playing that game.

Brett rejoined us at 11:30.  We had to wrestle the remote from Doug as he fell asleep ten minutes before the ball dropped.  He did wake up in time to switch it for us.  It was a nice end to 2016 even if it was quieter than normal.

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