Friday, December 23, 2016

Miles Lab

Doug had the day off today and wanted all of us to try a restaurant that he had been hearing a lot of positive reviews for - Miles Lab.  It was in Elkhart close to NIBCO field where Meg plays 7 on 7.  The decor reminded me of Maria's in North Webster, but the menu was different.  Everyone at Doug's work raves about their hamburgers, so three of us decided to try one.  Doug's had a fried egg and bacon on his.  Mine was more traditional with just bacon and cheese.  Cal was the most adventurous trying fried egg and peanut butter!!  We were all three happy with our choices as were Meg, Brett and Cam.  She had the grilled cheese, Cam the grilled chicken and Brett had the best fish he has had since returning  from New England.  My favorite part of lunch was listening to the Heinisch children remininse about Christmas gifts over the years.

After lunch we all stopped at Target for some last minute shopping.  We made it home just as the drizzling freezing rain started.  I was glad that we were in town for the rest of the night.  Doug made dinner for everyone and Cam, Meg Brett, and Cal watched Rugrats Santa Experience and Garfield's Christmas.  Afterward Cal headed over to HM's.  I still had laundry to finish, but we even put a Christmas flair on that as Meg and I watched "Meet Me in Saint Louis."  Later in the evening Brett, Cam and I played Blockus and Sequence.  Doug tried to make it up through A Christmas Carol, but only I did.  Cal was home before it was over and he and Cam enjoyed more Mario Super Sluggers.  What an enjoyable way to spend the day before Christmas Eve.

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