Thursday, December 15, 2016

End of Season Party

Tonight was the end of season party for Cam's basketball team.  They celebrated with a carry in dinner after the A and B game.  Cam really enjoyed it and we appreciated Mr. Willems' positive remarks at the end.  I am glad that Cam has had fun this season.  I still find it hard to watch middle school basketball.  Cal's career did not end the way he wanted it to nor did Meg's.  They both were part of unsupportive programs.  Meg enjoyed basketball, but adjusted to her decision to quit pretty quickly.  Cal put a lot of time into the sport and the program.  It was very difficult to watch him being mistreated.  It is one of those memories that I will probably never resolve.  I usually do not think about it, but watching Cam made me realize how fresh that wound still is.

In saying that I am happy for Cam.  He has worked hard and has improved.  There will be open gyms for him to attend if he wants to this winter.  My favorite part, however, was watching him interact with his friends before and after the game.  It was the same this evening.  It is also nice to know that Cal is back playing with his friends and enjoying all of the intramural opportunities at IU.

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