Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day One is A Lot of Fun

Cal took advantage of Hannah-Marie's first day of vacation by taking a trip with her, her niece and Alex to Chicago.  It was the first time he had taken the train and he said it worked well even though he was out the door before the rest of us were up.  Doug did have to work today and had a productive day.  He had inventory yesterday and tied up a lot of loose ends today.

Meg and I went to Amanda's to get our haircut after lunch.  I have gotten a lot of nice compliments on it since I have cut it shorter.  The only downside was that I have to get it cut more often.  After our haircuts I dropped Meg off at the bowling alley for a surprise birthday party for one of her friends.  I spent the rest of the afternoon playing games with Brett and Cam.  Cam and I finally figured out how to beat balance boat expert level.  The three of us also finished my favorite Christmas special - A Year Without a Santa Claus while playing Jedi Unleashed.  

Doug picked Meg up on his way home from work.  She had a great time, but wanted to go to tennis tonight.  Her foot was a lot better.  She couldn't run sprints, but she could do tennis drills without a problem.  Doug and I went to the new Italian restaurant in Warsaw while she was at her lesson.  It was very nice and we enjoyed the change of pace.  Brett and Cam picked up Meg at tennis and then went to Steak and Shake for dinner.  They had a lot of fun.

We all beat Cal home but not by much.  He had a fantastic time.  They went to the Bean, ate lunch at Gino's and did some shopping.  He was pretty proud of his new Space Jam shirt.  I was glad that they had fun and made it home safely. 

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