Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chicago for the Holidays

Our first stop in Chicago this morning was the Field Museum.  I had wanted to take everyone to see the Terra-cotta Warriors ever since I heard they were exhibited there.  The display was even more impressive than the one Cam and I saw at the Children's Museum several years ago.  There were many more Warriors and a lot more information on the Qin dynasty.  We also toured the Underground Adventure, the dinosaur timeline, a 3-D movie on Egypt and the mummy's tomb while at the museum.

Afterward we headed to Superior Street for Chicago deep dish pizza.  Gino's had a line out the door, so we decided to try Giordano's.  They were busy as well with an hour wait, but their system allowed us to head to Michigan Street to do some shopping at the Hershey store and the Disney Store before they texted us to come back.  As we had already ordered our pizza, the wait time at the table was minimal.

We drove to Lincoln Park once lunch was over.  We had time to go to the Chicago History Museum before it closed.  Doug had wanted to visit there and we just haven't been able to find the time.  Everyone enjoyed the history of Chicago especially the exhibits on the Chicago fire and the stockyards.  Our last stop of the day was right next door - the Lincoln Park Zoo.  We hadn't planned on going when we headed out this morning, but at the museum I remembered they were opened at night to display their Christmas lights.  It was fantastic.  The entire zoo was lit up with traditional lights and ones featuring animals.  They even had chimpanzee lights swinging through the trees.  It was a little chilly walking, but there was a hot chocolate stand that we all appreciated very much.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays!

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