Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Friends Weekend Continutes

Last night we got home to find Cal, Alex, Jayce and Cameron Adams hanging out at our house.  Cal had texted earlier to see if it was alright with us.  I appreciated the text but that group is always welcome here.  They have been hanging out here for years and we just really enjoy that group and their friendship.  Meg called me earlier in the night to fill me in on all of their antics - the boys picking on Alex, Cameron wanting Grandma's number to have her make monster cookies, a loud game of pool, etc.  She enjoyed listening to them and was sure that they were louder than her friends (not possible).

By the end of the night Nick LeCount had joined the group.  For old times sake Cal had him park in the new neighbor's driveway.  The boys never got their cookies, but Doug did make Chex Mix and Jayce was happy to find strawberry milk in our fridge.  Cam stayed up with them until midnight and Brett even joined them for awhile.  Glad that they boys have remained friends over the years and that they still enjoy hanging out here.  They definitely keep the Heinisch Home full of life and I hope they continue to meet here for many Christmas' to come.

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