Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Big Wally Challenge

Last night was the Big Wally Challenge at Penguin Point.   Warsaw, Whitko, Tippy Valley and Wawasee all sent a team of three high school students to compete for money for prom.  The objective was to eat as many Big Wally's as possible in fifteen minutes.  Cal, Reider and Harry were the representatives from Wawasee and they even talked Steve Coverstone into being their coach.  The boys arrived early poised with a lot of confidence.  The high school radio stations was there to broadcast which we appreciated greatly.  The hype from Wawasee's team was big and they definitely had the largest cheer block in attendance.

Meg and I listened from Cal's truck as he took the van.  We could pick out specific voices in the crowd - Jayce, Kyle, Cal - and loved listening to the commentary.  My parents were able to listen as well and Doug and Cam tuned in on the way home from soccer.  Cal finished 5 and 1/2 Big Wally's in the fifteen minutes as his team completed 13 overall.  That did not give them the win, but helped them finish above Whitko in third.

I was proud of the boys for trying, but most of all impressed with the number of friends they had show up for the event   They definitely had the best coach at their table and the most support.  Cal tweeted later that evening that his days of competitive eating were officially over.  Regardless, they had made a memory of a lifetime.

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