Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready to Go!

We found out yesterday that Meg's tennis match at Central Noble was moved to tonight.  Cam's tennis was cancelled as well and with the rain forecast Cal said he would forgo golf practice.  This frees up our Thursday evening and we will now be able to leave at 4.  As Memphis is an hour behind us we are hoping to be able to be at Graceland on Friday morning leaving the afternoon available for the Memphis Zoo.  Ever since Cam found out that there are Pandas at the zoo he's been dying to go.

My parents, Cam and I went to Meg's tennis match tonight, but the rain came early and it was cancelled.  We were bummed, but with all of the packing that we had to do and the tests that Meg had to study for it worked out alright.  Cal did have practice, but it was rained out as well.  With everyone's help we were able to get everything ready and most items in the van.  Now we just need to get through school and work tomorrow and we'll be on our way.  Looking forward to it.

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