Friday, March 11, 2016

Pow Wow

In Cal's freshmen year the high school held its first Pow Wow to build morale after several suicides that occurred.  It was intended to be a community builder among students and teachers and it definitely has become one of the highlights of the year.  Cal has enjoyed the competitions and festivities since the very first one.  Tonight Meg was able to attend as well and had just as much fun.  She hung out with the other freshmen and watched Cal participate in several competitions.

Both had stories to share when they got home.  Brett arrived from Spring Break in time to listen to their activities of the evening.  He and Cal quickly turned the conversation to politics and spent the rest of the night catching up on everything happening in the primaries.  Neither want Trump to win, but aren't thrilled with the rest of the candidates either.

Meg headed to bed once the conversation turned toward the Presidential race.  She played the first round of her tennis tournament before the Pow Wow and had to be up early for the next one tomorrow morning.  She did not win tonight, but she was happy with the way she played and competed well.  It was a great experience heading into the high school season.

Cam hung out with Doug and I tonight.   Doug put together our new coat shelf and Cam and I worked on the shoe bench.  We were glad that Brett and Cal were home this evening to help Doug lift the shelf for the coat rack as Cam and I wouldn't have been able to.  Our job was to organize the shoes.  I am happy that one Heinisch child inherited my organizational skills.  We weren't quite finished by the time we went to bed, but by tomorrow night we should be.

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