Friday, March 4, 2016


Doug and I talked about what we wanted to accomplish before Cal's open house this coming June.  When Brett graduated I went overboard with cleaning, painting, etc.  We learned and this time will take a more laid back approach.  That will make it more enjoyable for all of us.  During our discussion, we did decide that we would repaint the area that needed it most of all - the living room.

Doug started on the project tonight.  The more he painted, the more he decided how pleased he was with the decision to do so.  The color we picked originally was hint of gold and we liked it, but now that Doug is covering it with a cream and hint of green color I like that a lot better.  The walls were in desperate need of painting and already look better.

He was able to get one coat on tonight, although, he felt it took a lot longer than he thought it would.  A big part of that was taking everything off of the wall and moving the furniture.  His plan is to finish it tomorrow and then we can talk about rearranging the furniture.  One casualty in all of this was the curtains.  They are definitely too faded to put back up.

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