Monday, March 28, 2016

My School Rules

On Friday April 15th Bethany Christian will be focused on the WNDU's My School Rules segment.  The show will be broadcast form the school and all students are invited to be part of the show.  To do this Cam will have to be there at 5:15 in the morning.  For his early morning arrival he will receive donuts before the show starts and an all you can eat breakfast after it is over.  If they can get 140 students there or more they will even get to go home at 2:30 that day.

I asked Cam today if he wanted to participate and he said, "Of course!"  Free breakfast, a chance to be on TV, early dismissal and the class with the most students participating gets a pizza party - he's all in.  Lucky for me, Doug is up early on Fridays to play basketball, so he said he wouldn't mind taking him.  It should be a fun morning!!

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