Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday

Today we had two celebrations.  The first of course was Easter.  We started the morning at a full 8 a.m. mass.  We have a new deacon and have noticed that he is adding a lot to the services and the numbers at mass have grown.  After mass we went home to start our Easter celebrations.  Cal told us yesterday that if we colored the eggs he would join in the hunt.  He has never lost an Easter Egg hunt and this year proved to be no different.  It was a lot closer, however, with Meg only being a couple of eggs short.  Cam took the longest to find his as there was one elusive egg that even Doug couldn't locate.  Luckily, someone saw it inside the headphones and Cam was able to finish his hunt in third place.  They decided that Brett was fourth even though he wasn't here to participate.  Their Easter baskets were also hard to find this year, but everyone ended up with one full of candy, a new Blu Ray disc and a snack.  My favorites were the Cheez-It boxes for Doug and Meg.  They are always debating which is better White Cheddar or Four Cheese.  Now they have their own box.

My parents came over for lunch after their services.  In addition to celebrating Easter we also celebrated my Dad's 73rd birthday.  We loved the spelling bee card we found for him highlighting the word "ancient."  He also got the typical Grandpa gifts - golf balls, flashlights, Circus Peanuts, orange slices and cherry sours.  Doug and Mom contributed to the meal and we all enjoyed it.  The guys played ping pong afterward and I worked on cleaning up.  My Mom made Dad a bunny cake that was delicious.

My parents took Cam golfing after lunch and Cal headed to South Shore.  Doug ran and I folded a lot of laundry.  Brett called and had a weekend full of Easter services to tell us about.  He went to the Easter vigil at his church last night that lasted three hours.  He said he was glad he went.  He also went to a Good Friday mass and plans to attend mass this evening as well.  He spent the afternoon reading and walking in the sunshine.

Doug and I were able to take an hour walk this afternoon.  It was one of the most gorgeous Easters that I can remember.  Meg and Cam both hung outside tonight and we even had a small bonfire.  It will be hard to concentrate this week with Spring Break just around the corner, especially after a day like today.

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