Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday Meg!!

Today we celebrate Meg's 15th birthday.  Meg is the daughter that neither Doug and I thought we would have and the one that we couldn't imagine life without.  She has a zest for life that is ever apparent.  Meg thinks the world of her brothers and I love watching her interact with them.  She is the second mother they may not always listen to, but they appreciate her sense of humor and willingness to talk or hang out at anytime.

Meg works hard at school and is really starting to blossom in all aspects of her life.  I enjoy listening to her talk about her friends and love her confidence.  Life is full of so many possibilities for her.  I feel blessed to have her in our lives.  When I think of how we almost lost her fifteen years ago I thank God for the opportunity to be her mother.  No frat house is complete without a "little sis."  So happy to have her in ours.

~ Happy 15th Birthday Meg ~ 

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