Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Day at the Doctor's

I dropped Cameron off at school this morning and headed to the dentist's office.  It was a good check-up and I found out that all of my teeth grinding has not caused TMJ.  The mouth guard has helped my headaches, so nothing else needs to be done.  I had time to go home and clean before Cal arrived for his appointment.  His also went well.  We talked to Dr. Mayden about IU basketball and also Cal's bottom tooth.  It overlaps another.  Doc showed me how perfect the rest of his teeth were and didn't recommend we do anything for the one.  Cal would have to have extensive orthodontist  work to enlarge his bottom jaw.  Cal and I decided that wasn't needed.  There are a couple of minor procedures we could try, but Cal is going to wait and see what he thinks later.  The tooth is only noticeable to him.  In a strange irony I have the exact same situation with the same tooth.

Cal went back to school after lunch.  He had to wait 30 minutes after the fluoride treatment to eat.  I went to the library to sign checks and stopped at the grocery store.  My last appointment of the day was at Grossnickel.  It was longer than the other two combined.  I had to first get a new prescription for both my glasses and contacts.   Then I had to have a visual field test.  Lastly, I met back with Dr. Risser about my results.  He said that my visual field test was completely normal.  That was good to hear as the chance of anything internally causing the vision problems are practically non-existent.  He was glad to hear that the eye drops are helping.  He believes there will be a time I won't be able to wear contacts, but for right now I am good to go.  I still have shadows at times or some blurred vision, but it is nothing like it was two weeks ago.  Although, the appointment was 2 hours long, I was very thankful to have answers when I walked out of the office.

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