Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We did it!!

It took Doug and I almost six weeks, but we finally finished the "Two Girls at the Piano" puzzle tonight.  It was by far the most difficult puzzle I have ever worked on.  Doug showed the most patience as when it became extremely challenging he kept at it.  I absolutely love Renoir as a painter and this is one of his best.  In saying that I do not believe that I will trying another one of his artworks as a puzzle for quite some time.  Brett said that it was fitting that the puzzle was difficult to complete as it he had a horrible time finding it for me for Christmas.  I do appreciate him giving it to me, however, and I enjoyed the time I spent with Doug working on it.  Cal and Cam said that we could start the Darth Vader puzzle next as they found that one to be even more difficult.  Luckily, my Dad gave us a slightly simpler one.  I'd start tomorrow night on that one, but Doug said he is waiting awhile before getting another out.  Maybe he will change his mind by the weekend or Meg will suggest another family movie night.  That's when we made the most progress.   

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