Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring Cannot Be Too Far Off

Today and yesterday were absolutely beautiful.  It felt close to 60 degrees and the sun was out all day.  Doug took advantage of the weather in the morning to cut up the pine tree left from the December ice storm that knocked out a power line.  After Cam's tennis match we took a walk around the neighborhood.  It was gorgeous.

Cal and his friends spent the afternoon at the LYC playing basketball.  Meg walked over to Tess' for awhile.  Cam and Doug played basketball and before Meg left they kicked around the soccer ball.  Doug grilled steaks and pork chops once Brett got home.  Brett did not spend the day outside as he had to drive to Grand Rapids to meet with Republican National Committee.  Michigan's Republican party is interested in hiring him, but he has to pass their tests first.  He was thankful for the beautiful weather as well as it made the drive a lot easier.

The wonderful day was capped off by a great night.  IU beat Purdue in Assembly Hall to stay on top of the Big Ten standings.  It was a good game and made for a fun evening.

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