Monday, February 22, 2016

Snow MakeUp Day #2

Friday was the end of trimester 2 at Wawasee high school, so today was a snow makeup day.  It is the first time that we have ever gotten it off.  Since Tuesday is a teacher day Cal and Meg have a four day weekend.  Meg and I made the most of it today as we went to lunch at Steak 'N Shake in Goshen and then spent the afternoon shopping.  We had a lot of fun especially at Michaels and Kohls.  Neither Meg nor I will try on reading glasses again or talk about it while I am drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.  Needless to say half of my pop ended up on my steering wheel.

Meg found some capris that she needed for Spring and I bought a white sweatshirt that I had been looking for.  From there we headed to Mrs. Meek's for piano.  It has been nice the last two Mondays without school to drop Meg off for her lesson while I pick up Cameron.  In another month Meg won't be able to take lessons because of tennis.  We were a little early, but that worked out well.  Mrs. Meek was ready for Cam when he got there.

After piano we picked Preston up in Milford and dropped Cam off to Mary for a night of chess at the River.  Doug was home early, but I had to leave for the library board.  Doug picked Cam up at the middle school and once Preston left he and Meg ran over to Kaitlin's.  Once they got back, Cam said, "How many friends is Meg having over this weekend?"

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