Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow Day #1

We woke up this morning to find out that school had been cancelled for the day.  They waited until 6:40 a.m. to call it, but it was definitely the right one.  It started snowing at 7 a.m. and never stopped.  Cameron did have school, but I emailed his teacher and the office to let them know that we wouldn't be bringing him.  Our fear was that they would close early and it would be hazardous for me to drive back to Goshen.  We were correct in our assumption as they decided to close at 1:30 this afternoon.  Cam's teacher sent his homework via Haiku so he was able to catch up.

We spent all day indoors, but had a great time.  We played Disney Scene It plus watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I also used some of the time to clean areas that I haven't had time to work on.  By the time Doug got home I had organized two dresser drawers, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the kitchen, picked up Cal's room and washed a load of towels.

Cam tried going outside when Cal was shoveling, but only made it 20 minutes.  The wind was pretty fierce and he didn't like how it felt on his face.  Doug's work closed early, so he was here by 3.  He still worked at home, but did watch the movie with us.  He shoveled at least twice tonight.  Cal spent the day with HM.  They met some friends to go sledding at the high school, ate lunch at Burger King and then went back to her house to build a snowman and hang out.  Her parents invited him to dinner, but we asked him to be home by 7 as it was still light enough to drive and we didn't know how it would be after dark.

Brett called this afternoon.  Bloomington did not have any snow, only rain.  He was in line for his Mumps vaccination while I was talking to him.  They have had five confirmed cases this semester and we couldn't find record of his booster shot.  The doctor said it wouldn't hurt him to have another, so he joined the long line at the Union.

I wasn't quite ready for trimester three to start and today was a perfect way to help me get motivated. The nice part is that they have already called school off for tomorrow.  Thus, I will have one more day to readjust to the last 13 weeks.  The only negative is that Cal and I will have to reschedule our dentist appointments.  I don't think he minded at all.

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