Saturday, February 6, 2016


In general Saturdays have become the days that the Heinisch children get to hang out with their friends.  Today was no exception.  Cam and I started the morning at the library.  Yesterday he went in to check out some books on magic card tricks.  While he was there they asked to see several of his tricks and then told him that Saturday was "Take Your Child to the Library" day.  Cam wanted to try guessing the number of gummy bears in the jar they showed him, so we made sure to stop in before tennis.  We also spent time looking for a new book series and even got to see the Blue Tongued Lizard and an albino Hedgehog before we left.  Once tennis was over Ryden came over to spend the day with Cam.  They entertained each other with more magic tricks and a Nerf gun war before we got home.

When I dropped Cam off to Mom I picked up Meg for her tennis matches.  She only played doubles today, so we were able to leave early.  She and I wanted to go to the visitation for Gabby's grandmother.  We were there for almost an hour before we had to leave to meet Meg's friends that were coming over.  Meg agreed to take Cam and Ryden to Kung Fu Panda 3 for us.  Everyone said the movie was better than the second, but not as good as the first.  We picked up Kaitlin and Pizza King after the movie.  Kaitlin liked her Nerf cross bow that Meg gave her for an early birthday present.  They all played Five Nights at Freddy's before Doug had to run everyone home.  Kaitlin decided to spend the night and they spent the rest of the evening catching up on their favorite television series.

Cal spent the day with Jayce.  They had tickets to the Notre Dame game.  The game was at 7 p.m., but they decided to leave early as it was the ESPN Game Day game.  Unfortunately, for the boys their UNC shirts did not help them as Notre Dame upset #2 North Carolina in the end.

Doug and I also caught up with friends today as well, although neither were planned.  I saw Kristina at Paula's mother's visitation and spent quite a bit of time talking to her.  Doug went to a visitation as well as his former boss and friend's mother also died this week.  He spent time with them before meeting us at tennis.  It may have not been the most pleasant of circumstances to see friends from long ago, but it was nice to share memories of long ago.  

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