Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Can See

This last month has been challenging.  I have been having a lot of problems with my eyes and headaches.  I have seen the eye doctor and he felt it was the complications of diabetes.  My family doctor disagrees.  He said that my glucose levels are high, but not high enough to warrant eye trouble.  He is more focused on the migraines.  After a lot of tests, cutting down on my carbohydrates, and a considerable amount of prayer I believe that I may have figured one of the problems.  I realized yesterday that my eyes are extremely dry.  Thus, I made an appointment with Grossnickel's and bought rewetting drops.  It definitely has already helped.  I plan to still keep my MRI appointment for Monday.  Dr. Mulry has been on me for years to do that because of the migraines.  I am positive that nothing will come of that test.  I am also sure that the ophthalmologist will say no more contacts. That will be an adjustment, but if the double vision stops for good I am willing to try it.

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