Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy 21st Brett

Cam woke up fever free this morning, so he, Doug, Meg and I started off for Bloomington.  As a surprise I bought Goosebumps for him and he watched it most of the way down.  We met Parce and Brett at Oliver Winery by noon.  Parce invited Brenda and Chokey to Brett's celebration and we were all glad that they came.  Brett tried his first wine and shocked everyone by chugging it down.  After that he went more slowly with samples and decided that the ciders were his favorite.

Once Doug and Brett were down taste testing Oliver's set us up in a room to have lunch and try some more wine.  Doug bought two of his favorites and I even had a glass.  Parce was entertaining as usual and everyone had a great visit.  My favorite moment was when Brenda stood up and asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Brett on his 21st.  His reaction was priceless.

After the winery Brett opened his gifts.  He then decided he wanted to go shopping.  We stopped at the College mall.  Brett found a game he wanted at Game Stop and Cam found one at Target.  From the mall we went to Barnes & Noble.  I bought a book to take with me when we go to Houston.  I am almost halfway through Anna Karenina with a plan to finish it by then.

Our next stop was the union.  We had planned to go bowling, but they were packed with families with the same idea.  Meg, Brett and Cam wanted to walk down Kirkwood from there.  Meg found a Star Wars Hoosiers shirt and Cam purchased a mug that said, "They didn't have my name - Indiana University."  He was pretty proud of that.  We ate dinner at Buffalouies as that was Brett's choice.  He wanted to try a beer and Doug got him a Bud Light.  It definitely wasn't his thing.  He decided that he would stick to the ciders after that.

While we were at the union I saw that there was a winter storm warning for Bloomington and Indy in the morning.  Doug and I talked to everyone and decided that it would be best for us to head back that evening.  We had planned to take Brett to breakfast in the morning, but didn't want to get caught in a storm.  Parce was sick anyway and we hated putting him out.  Cam had a horrible asthma attack once we left Buffalouies, so we knew it was the right decision.

We did stop by Parce's before we left to thank him for the offer to stay and visit for a little while.  Doug bought breadsticks for the ride home.  Cam started running a fever again - 101.  We filled him with medicines and had him use his inhaler.  He started Jurassic Park, but within 45 minutes he was out for the rest of the ride home.  We made it back by 11 p.m. in time for Cal to fill Doug in on the All Star Dunk contest.  Although I was sad that we didn't get to stay for breakfast with Brett, I was thrilled that we were there to celebrate Brett's 21st birthday.  It was a special day for all of us.

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