Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day Trip

Meg, Cam, Doug and I drove to Merrillville to meet Carl and his friend Marina for lunch.  Doug chose a place called Aladdin's Pita which featured Middle Eastern food.  We all tried several different types of humus with pita bread.  They were delicious.  Cam and Meg decided on grilled chicken kabobs for their entree and seemed to enjoy them.  Neither would touch the grilled half onion, however.  It was a great restaurant to try and we had a nice visit.  We did some shopping in the grocery store afterward and they each found chocolates to buy for the way home.

Next on our stop was Valparaiso.  I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and everyone else agreed.  I found several Blu Rays that I liked.  After that we did some shopping at Yankee Candle.  It was the last day of their big sale and I loved the fragrances we picked out.  I was down to my last candle in storage, so I appreciated being able to stop there. Our last stop of the afternoon was Dick's.  Meg needed shoes for tennis and we found ones that she liked in her size.  I even had a $10 reward certificate to use.

We made it home around 6:30.  Cal arrived shortly after we did.  He went with HM, Aubrey and Stephen to Bittersweet to try his hand at skiing.  He definitely was sore when he got home, but he was glad that he tried it.  He had never been before.  Brett left around 12:45 today.  He picked Alex up in Milford and was home in plenty of time to unpack and get breadsticks before mass.  We were glad to have him here and he seemed to enjoy his time with us.  He took Cam and his friend from Bethany Christian, Caleb, to see Kung Fu Panda 3 on Friday night.  Meg was supposed to be at a birthday party for Kaitlin in Fort Wayne Saturday, but Kaitlin ended up with the stomach flu.  Thus, Brett got to visit with Meg more than we thought he would when he got here Thursday night.  Besides the visiting and his meeting with the RNC, Brett even managed to write, edit and submit a five page paper for one of his classes.  All in all I believe that everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Doug even reneged on his promise of waiting a year to start another puzzle and began the Darth Vader one tonight.  We will see how long that one takes.

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