Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Town

This afternoon Meg, Brett, Cam and I all went to see "Our Town" at Bethany Christian.  Meg was supposed to have soccer, but a majority of her team was unavailable today, so Doug had to postpone the match.  We were glad that she was able to join us.  We all really enjoyed the play.  I had seen it when I was in high school, but didn't remember a lot of it.  The first act was slow, but the second and third were really good.

After the play we dropped Meg off at youth group.   She was happy to go, but bummed that Aaron wouldn't be able to join them.  He has been ill and has missed a lot of school this trimester.  When he has been able to attend, he and Meg eat lunch together.  While Meg was at church we started "Dial M for Murder" with Cam.  It was one of my favorite Hitchcock movies and I had been wanting to watch it with Cam.  So far he has really liked it.

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