Thursday, November 17, 2016

Milford vs Bethany Christian

For the first time in years Bethany Christian had enough 6th graders playing basketball to have a C team.  When I heard that they were working on scheduling games I instantly contacted Bethany's AD and Ryan at Milford in the hope that our 6th grade would be able to play Bethany.  Both schools were more than interested in a game against one another and tonight was the cumulation of this.  

It was a tough one for Bethany, but the boys all had fun.  Cam was a starter on the A team and played well.  He even scored a long two.  I was able to keep the book for Bethany and was glad to be a part of the evening.  I always enjoy supporting the Heinisch children, but I know that they Milford boys were appreciative of having me there as well.  I was most impressed with the two teams afterward as they were shaking hands.  All of the Milford boys congratulated Cam and said they were happy to see him.  It was a fun night to be a part of.  

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