Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Doug spent the morning in the kitchen making all of our favorite Thanksgiving foods.  Although I am not a fan of turkey or oyster dressing, the mashed potatoes went well with Grandma Jane's noodles.  We also enjoyed green bean casserole, corn, homemade bread and plenty of desserts.  Renegade provides us with a turkey every year and this was the biggest one yet - 15 pounds.

Before dinner Cal, Meg, Brett, Cam and I watched A Garfield's Thanksgiving.  Not sure Doug appreciated it as much as we did, but it set the mood for lunch.  Once we were done eating the guys all headed to the basement for pool.  Mom and I were able to get the kitchen cleaned up by the time they were done.  We offered to play games, but they wanted to head to Shopko for Thanksgiving Day specials.  Instead we played a couple of rounds of Mario Kart before heading out on our own shopping spree.

Our first stop of the night was Target.  We were about fifteen minutes early and there wasn't much of a line.  We took time to study the maps before entering.  Our plan was to pickup a new TV for the living room and one for Brett.  Doug and Brett found his 32 inch easily and were happy with the price. The rest of us were on a quest to get a 55 inch 4K ultra definition TV.  We saw on the map that there were deals in the store not listed on the Black Friday flyer.  At first we thought we had scored big - a Polaroid 55 inch for less than $400.  As we were tracking down Doug I happened across an even better deal - a Westinghouse for less than $350.  It even had all of the bells and whistles that we were looking for.  As I waited for Doug to move over to where I was standing another customer asked me where I found the TV.  Before I could tell him one of the Target employees mentioned to him that I got the only one in the store.  I was even more thrilled when I heard that.  Before we left we also found a Blu Ray Player on sale and several gifts for Christmas.

From Target we drove to University Park Mall.  Forever 21 and Hollister had some great sales going on.  Brett and Cam toured the mall checking out a few stores while Meg and I were shopping.  It was absolutely packed.  We decided to head out after stopping in Yankee Candle.  We were home by 9 p.m. and started on the TV set up.  It took quite awhile, but Doug did get the new TV connected in the living room and moved our bedroom TV to Meg's room and the old living room TV to our bedroom.  We even got Brett's set up in the basement all before 1 a.m.  Cal was home from his own Black Friday excursion well before we were done.  He took Alex, Jayce, David and Brian Clark to Fort Wayne.  He said they had a great time and he was happy with all that he found including a new pair of Darth Vader socks.

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