Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

It is finally here - election day!  It is all that everyone has been talking about and all that Brett has been working toward.  Doug voted at 6 a.m. and had to wait in line.  I got there around 6:45 and didn't have too long to wait.  There were a lot of other teachers and administrators there as well.  Talked to Brett late in the evening.  He and Cal had both voted by absentee ballot.  Today Brett spent nine hours outside a polling station supporting a candidate.  He was cold, tired and hungry by the end of the day, but happy to be a part of the process.

My students and I spent the day looking at the electoral college and their predictions for this year.  Most polls have Hillary winning, but Brett predicted last night that Trump would win.  Once we got home from piano all Cam and I did was watch the news.  By the time he went to bed only a few states had been called.  Trump was in the lead, but there were some key states still out.  I was absolutely wiped out so I decided to call it a night at 10:30.  Originally, I thought that Hillary would have already been declared President, but that was not the case.  In fact as I listened to the news Ohio and Florida were both looking as though they would go Trump's way.  That would be a huge discrepancy from the poll predictions.  I thought about staying awake to see what would happen, but it will be a long day tomorrow if I do.

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