Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Shopping

Today Cam had a chess tournament in Warsaw.  He did well, but it has been rough moving up to the rated section.  He used to destroy everyone in his age group, but definitely has run into tougher competition this year.  It's been good for him from a learning aspect, but I feel bad that he did not bring home a trophy today.  He seemed to handle it very well and had fun with JJ and Kayden.

Tonight Doug and I went to Fort Wayne to start our Christmas shopping.  I also wanted to spend my birthday money.  I found a new pair of boots and several candles at Yankee Candle that I liked.  We didn't do as well on our Christmas list, but plan on going Black Friday shopping and will also join in on the cyber Monday craze.

We went to Chop's for dinner afterward.  It was very good.  I was disappointed to hear that the egg nog cheesecake will not be back on the menu this season, but almost everything they serve is delicious.  Thus, we were well pleased this evening.

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