Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Best Dinner Ever!

What a great first day of Thanksgiving break.  All of us kept busy, enjoyed the day and even got some work done.  Brett made it to the dentist, which probably wasn't the highlight for him, but at least it was uneventful.  He then met Mrs. Dixon and Andrew Anchor for lunch in North Webster.  He hadn't seen either in quite some time and thoroughly enjoyed his visit with them.  Once he got home Cam and I talked him into a game of Pay Day and for the first time since he arrived from the East Coast he actually lost at a board game.  It was close, but I was able to keep my undefeated streak at Pay Day alive.

Cal invited HM over to hang out.  Since Brett was out for lunch and doesn't care that much for Subway, I thought that it would be the best day to try it.  Meg went with me and we were also able to pick up supplies to fix our coat shelf that fell off the wall last night.  It definitely created a loud boom when it came down at 1:45 a.m.  Brett and I were sure that someone had knocked over a large piece of furniture or even hit the garage door because it was that loud.  Once we finally found the cooler lid in the kitchen we were able to follow the trail of coats to the culprit.  Doug, Meg and Cam slept through it all.  Brett and I laughed about that all day today.  We were sure that the house could have exploded and they never would have known.

Besides fixing the coat shelf, I also caught up on my blog, did some laundry, graded the last of my students' work and got a haircut.  For the first time in a long time I actually cut 4 inches off the length of my hair.  It seemed the perfect time to do so and I really liked how it looked.  The day wasn't all about working, however.  Besides the board game we were also able to play Mario Kart.  I would love to say I won, but that would be unrealistic.   Doug did have to work today.  He said he didn't mind as there were not a lot of people in the office so he was able to catch up on several items.  They were allowed to leave at 3:30 today, so he was home pretty early.

We had asked the Heinisch children to pick a night to go out to dinner and they all said Wednesday.  Doug made reservations at Kelly Jae's in Goshen as Cal, Brett and Hannah-Marie had never been there.  We used Doug's approach for ordering and made it more of a buffet which each person choosing an item or two to share.  Although the food was delicious the best part of the dinner was spending time together.  There was so much lively conversation and plenty to catch up on.  I am truly thankful that everyone wanted to spend the evening together.

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