Thursday, November 10, 2016

Awards Night

Last night was fall sports award night at the high school.  I decided to stay at home as Meg wasn't getting an award and Cameron did not want to go.  Meg and Doug enjoyed the event although they both thought the video was way too long this year.  The soccer girls were surprised by some awards and not by others.  I know that Doug always puts a lot of thought into the selection process.  They arrived home by 8 p.m. with good news.  Meg didn't win an award, but Hannah-Marie was name the Warrior Way Award winner for volleyball.  That was great to hear.

Tonight Doug had county council.  It was also Bethany night at Hacienda.  Thus, Cam, Meg and I decided to go there for dinner.  We hadn't been in awhile and everyone liked the food.  It was definitely packed with Bethany Christian families.  As we had gone shopping at Target and Kohl's beforehand we almost didn't beat Doug home.

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