Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Night at Bethany Christian

What a busy night for the Heinisch family at Bethany Christian.  First Cameron had a basketball game against Milford.  There was a mixup as it was supposed to be a B game only, but Milford never got the message.  At halftime I had Meg go in the locker room and tell Mr. Voirol.  Bethany agreed to a 5 quarter running clock and all of the boys played at least a quarter and a half.  Cam played very well and the whole team improved from their last meeting.

After the game Doug, Meg and I drove back home to drop off the CR-V and pick up Brett.  He had an interview at 3:30, so he wasn’t able to go with us to the game.  We also wanted to have only one vehicle in Goshen.  Cam stayed at Bethany to change for his choir concert and to practice with Mr. Thomas.  Mom and Dad stayed in Goshen in case he needed anything.  We were back by 6:45 just as the doors opened.  The auditorium was packed by the time the concert started.  The Agape Bell Ringers were first.  We were impressed with their playing.  It has been a wonderful experience for Cam.  The sixth grade was next and they did a great job as well, finishing with the Dum Dum song, a crowd favorite.  After the concert we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We hadn’t gone in awhile.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Cam and his achievements.

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