Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Miracle Worker

Doug had to work today.  The auditors have given him a lot of work to do and he wanted to get a start on it.  He thought he’d be there until 4, but was able to leave much earlier than that.  He used his afternoon to work on items around the house.  He did some raking, but with the warm weather the leaves are mostly still high in the trees.

Cam had religion today.  Mom took him as he spent the night there.  Meg stayed at Kaitlin’s.  She had had a Halloween party last night.  Meg had a great time ding dong ditching throughout town.  I picked her up after I got Cam from religion.  She had a take home Pre-Calculus test that she needed to complete.  

Cam, Meg and I went to see the Miracle Worker at Amish Acres in the afternoon.  It was excellent and we all enjoyed it.  They did not know a lot about Helen Keller and were impressed with her story.  We picked up Doug afterward and headed to Warsaw.  We stopped at the shoe store first.  Cam needed basketball shoes and Meg and I both needed boots.  They had some good deals and Cam won a $4 off coupon by naming five candy bars.  Dinner was at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We were home in time to watch the Cubs win game 5 of the World Series.  They are still down 3-2, but live another day.

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