Friday, October 7, 2016

Oboe Boy & Food Drive Girl

Tonight Doug and the JV coach took the soccer girls out to Trick or Treat for canned goods.  He had a pretty good turnout with over half of the team participating.  Once they finished for the evening they took everything to the food pantry in Syracuse.  While they were there they toured the facility and learned about the hungry in our community.  It was a great experience for the girls.

While they were doing that Mom, Dad and I took Cam to his band concert at Bethany.  Cam was in beginning band last year, but got to bypass intermediate band and move to the middle school one this year.  He has been practicing a lot and they all sounded great.  We stayed for the orchestra concert as well.  They were equally impressive.  I was very proud of Cam tonight as he has worked hard to improve his oboe skills this past six months and it definitely shows.

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