Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mail Problem Solved

Brett has not been receiving any mail for the last two weeks.  I had sent him a package at the beginning of October that reached him without any problem, but lately they have not been as fortunate.  Mom and a friend of Brett's each sent him a package that he seemed to be caught in the dead letter office.   Mom tried to track down hers and the post office kept telling her that it was undeliverable.  Brett and his roommate finally decided to visit the post office to see what the hold up was.  They were told that their names had to be on the box or they would not receive mail.  Not sure why that wasn't the case earlier, but at least they had an answer.  The postal worker told Brett that they did not have any packages for him at that time, but fortunately today they showed up.  Brett was happy to get his presents and my Mom was relieved that she did not have to file a claim.   Glad that they were able to figure out the problem before Brett left for home.

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