Friday, October 14, 2016

It is Done!

It took me eleven hours this week, but I was finally able to sort through everything in Meg’s old room.  I had a pile that went into her new room and a pile for Cam’s room.  I ended up with a full bag of trash and a couple of boxes of garage sale items.  I wasn’t sure when I started if I would be able to fit all of Cal’s and Brett’s belongings in the one room, but I made it work.  

Doug helped me finish up tonight.  He hung up some of the posters that they had, vacuumed and helped with making the bed.  It is now a functional room and Cal will have a spot when he comes home if he doesn’t want the basement.  We will still need to paint it this winter and order a new mattress and box springs, but that can wait.  The bonus to cleaning was that I finished Gotham Season 2.  It definitely held my interest and made the cleaning seem a little less daunting.  

While Doug and I were cleaning Cam and Meg spent their time getting ready for the high school game.  Meg wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to come over before the game, but ended up with a houseful.  Preston, Kaitlin, Gabrielle, and Genevieve all made an appearance and appreciated the Little Caesar’s Doug picked up.  They had fun at the game, but the highlight for them may have been the bottle flip challenges in our kitchen or visiting with the two Mormons that showed up at our door.   I got a kick out of that as the scenario reminded me of the musical we saw this summer - Book of Mormon.  I really wanted to ask them if Johnnie Cockrun was truly in their “Mormon hell dream.”  

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